June News and Events from Leycester House

We’ve been up to all sorts this month, from garden picnics and quizzes to 100th Birthday celebrations to #Pridemonth2021! Take a peek:

Delightful Mocktails For All To Enjoy


Happy Pride Month!
This month we celebrate the importance of ‘Free to be Me’, due to a lifetime of discrimination, many older LGBTQ+ people age without living as their true selves.
Our consultant trainer, Sally Knocker has worked with Age UK and Opening Doors London (ODL) to produce ‘Safe to be Me’ which offers advice on how to support the older members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Health and Fitness

Along with improving strength, flexibility, and blood circulation, exercise also helps to boost mood, keeping our lovely residents as healthy and well as possible

National Fish And Chip Day

It is National Fish and Chip Day and what better way to mark the occasion than by reminding ourselves of the fresh, tasty fish and chips we can get right here at Leycester House, served up by our marvelous chefs.

Sticking to the day’s theme of Fish & chips, some marvelous arts & crafts work with Kannika today!

Baking Fun At Leycester House

A morning of baking with a few residents. Delicious lemon cake and a cup of tea.

Tea And Cake In The Sunshine

What better way to spend time with your loved ones than enjoying the sunshine and hospitality of Leycester House. Tea and cake in our very own gardens.

Tea For Two – A Wonderful Way To Spend Time With Visitors

Delightful Afternoon Tea

Our fabulous hospitality & kitchen teams have provided several families with a stunning afternoon tea today whilst they were visiting their loved ones. All part of the all-inclusive service at Leycester House! How beautiful does this look?

Garden Quizzes, Games, and Afternoon Tea

Keeping our lovely residents engaged, stimulated, and entertained

Scrumptious Food!

What a treat the residents have in store for lunch today. Absolutely stunning lamb pave steak from Barry the Butchers.

Peter’s 100th Birthday!

An absolutely smashing afternoon celebrating Peter’s 100th birthday. Thank you to all the staff who made it so special for him, he truly is a legend. A special thanks to our new chef Thia for the outstanding cakes she made. Dean Goodman as Dean Martin was just excellent. It really was a special afternoon for Peter who was extremely appreciative.

Happy 89th Birthday Bernadette

Our lovely Bernadette also enjoyed her birthday celebrations today, thank you again Thia for the marvelous cake!

Arts, Crafts And Afternoon Tea In The Garden With Our Residents Today

Move It Or Lose It Class At Leycester House

A Wonderful Weekend Of Celebrations!

Thank you to Phoebe Appleby for her performance of the best of British songs yesterday. The residents had a great time


Look at our celebrations, such fun had by all

National Nutrition and Hydration Week

With National Nutrition & Hydration week underway, here is a quick look at some of the delights provided to ensure our residents receive a nutritiously balanced diet through a wonderful selection of fresh food and a variety of drinks! #nutritionandhealth #CareHomeLife #nationalnutritionmonth2021

Beautiful Outdoor Space

We are so lucky to have such beautiful gardens with an abundance of outdoor space at Leycester House – so much fun to be had too.

Ladies’ Day At Leycester House

champagne & strawberries, ice creams, and fascinators, What more could you ask for? apart from a win!

Stop Press!

Our lovely Peter made it into the Leamington Observer!


When our residents join us, they are invited to meet with our chef Melissa to get their favourite dish put on the Leycester House menu. You can imagine how delighted the residents were to see this old favourite on the menu yesterday!

Garden Picnics at Leycester House

Great to see Tony and his daughter Susan enjoying one of our fabulous garden picnics today. Just when you thought we couldn’t top our new Leycester House afternoon tea!

Celebrating ‘Free To Be Me’

Today we have celebrated the importance of ‘Free to be me’. Due to a lifetime of discrimination, many older LGBTQ people will age without living as their true self
We are proud to celebrate diversity with residents and staff and will continue to ensure residents feel safe, valued, accepted, and also encouraged to continue living their lives without judgment. #illcometoyourplace #Pride2021 #prideincare #inclusive #FreeToBeMe 
Such a fun day with a bit of ABBA music thrown in! & another fabulous cake creation by Thia

Check out the fab Abba songs we enjoyed:


Morning Exercise In The Garden

Joy’s Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday our lovely Joy was able to enjoy her birthday with her husband and daughters. Afternoon tea in our private dining room and a beautiful cake to mark the occasion. Covid precautions were taken but this did not affect how special the experience was for Joy.

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