There’s always something going on here at Leycester House, as we like to put on interesting, stimulating and fun events for our residents to enjoy. A regular event in the diary is a cooking demonstration with our in-house chef, Lee, which takes place every other Tuesday at 2pm. And the best bit is that there’s a taster at the end…

Yesterday's cookery demonstration featured lobster as the star of the show and it took place in our dedicated demonstration kitchen. Lee really did cook up a storm, managing to whip up two delicious dishes in the space of an hour and putting on a great show for our residents in the process!

The first dish was a light and colourful lobster and mango salad, followed up with a classic lobster thermidor, and both dishes were made using three lobsters that were freshly caught in Cornwall that morning and delivered to us just in time for the demo.

The cool, flavoursome salad was the perfect choice on such a warm day, with peppers, cucumber, mustard, sumac, ratte potatoes, salad leaves, mango and lobster thrown together to make a truly refreshing salad.

The lobster thermidor was incredibly popular too, with the lobster cooked in a delicious, creamy sauce, sprinkled with watercress and chard to give it a bit more colour. The residents knew they were in for a treat here, with this dish costing upwards of £30 per portion in a restaurant!

Both dishes really did go down a treat with our residents, with some even coming back for seconds – but what will Lee be cooking for our residents next? Well, it’s up to them, as the residents put their requests forward, so they decide exactly what they want demonstrating next!