At Leycester House, we regularly hold Motivation to Music with Wendy! Wendy has a lovely bubbly personality and really does bring out the best in our residents. What’s amazing to see is that it’s clear how much everybody loves her class – it’s very popular and it’s getting busier and busier every week!

Having been coming to Leycester House once a week for many months now, Wendy knows all our regular residents and she chats, interacts, sings, smiles and laughs with them all a lot. Whether it’s Motivation with Music from the 1950s or 1960s, the class is always a good giggle and puts smiles on residents’ faces, which is what it’s all about.

Wendy encourages the Leycester House residents to copy the exercises she does to music, and what makes it brilliant is that everyone can take part from the comfort of their armchair, sofa or wheelchair. Sitting down, residents get their bodies moving, working from the top to the bottom, echoing everything Wendy does. Exercises even include vocals and breathing, along with arm and leg coordination! Wendy is a star and we really value what she does here for our residents.

If your friend or family member is with us here at Leycester House and you would like to join in one week, let us know and as long as there’s space, we’d love for you to come along – after all, who doesn’t like a bit of motivation to start off the day in style?