Dear Relative and Friends

To take effect from the 21st June

Today I can update you on the government’s latest guidance regarding the visitation rules for care homes as we start to come out of the pandemic.

In her latest announcement Minister for Care Helen Whatley made it clear that the further easing of restrictions was made possible thanks to the hugely successful COVID-19 vaccine rollout programme. We can now lift all isolation periods for new admissions coming to our homes.

The regular PCR and LFT stays in place for additional protection to all. There are no changes to PPE to be worn inside and we will continue to supply PPE on external trips out.

From the announcement from Boris Johnson yesterday evening residents will now be able to leave their care home to spend time with friends and relatives with no returning restrictions, but please do check any additional local guidance.

As we are still enjoying this fine weather, it would be preferable to remain outside.

Restrictions would remain in place for those residents attending medical appointments and going for overnight visits. In these cases, the 14-day isolation period remains, for now, each resident will be individually risk assessed.

Any items delivered as a gift or essentials will not have the 72-hour quarantine and will be delivered on the day, more good news residents are able to move freely between the floors of our homes and our outside social spaces.

I would like to thank you for all the support you have given during this time and look forward to seeing you in our homes.

Any queries please do contact me.

Kind regards

Louise Atherton
Clinical Governance and Training Manager

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